Hebrides Wildwatch was established by Russell Hird and Iain Watson, who between them have been involved in watching and working with wildlife for many years both here and on the mainland.

Having worked alongside each other with Scottish Natural Heritage on the Island, both have considerable experience and insight into the ways of the local fauna, its habits and how these fit with the culture and environment of the Isles.

Russell is a keen field naturalist, who also has a proven track record in arranging speciality trips, he is known for his skill in organising  accommodation and packages to suit individual requirements. Russell has a particular understanding  and interest in the life cycle of our native Red Grouse, visiting waders and the roles both play in our fragile habitat.   

Iain who crofts on Lewis, has been actively involved in natural history for more than 40 years and has worked with and alongside a number of national conservation organisations.Widely recognised as a specialist in the field of Deer, which he writes about for a number of publications. 

In a Hebridean context Iain has been involved in studies into the purity of native Red Deer on the isles. Iain also has a lifelong interest in sea birds and their complex relationship with the increasing number of apex Raptors which live here.
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