Hebrides Wildwatch offers a number of tours to experience the wild mammals on the Islands, sea mammals apart, there are far fewer land animals on the Outer Hebrides than one might expect but those which are here offer superb watching opportunities. It surprises many that there are no foxes, no badgers, and fewer small animals than can be found on the mainland.

Only one type of Hare, known as  Blue or Mountain, lives here and even the ubiquitous rabbit survives, only in small numbers.

The islands however have become well known through our two largest resident animals, the Otter and the Red Deer. Both are superbly adapted to the Island environment with the Otter in particular making the most of both the marine and fresh water environments. Otters can be found all over the Islands, although secretive and challenging to locate, they can be watched from fixed positions as well as by careful stalking at the beginning and end of the day.

The arduous challenge of finding Otters is more than compensated by the sight of them hunting, playing in the kelp or seeing them dive for fish and shell-fish. Late Spring and Summer with the long days offer the best possibility of sightings and the prospect of cubs.

Island Red Deer are thought by some to represent the last pure populations of the native Scottish animal, cervus elaphus Scotticus. Deer range through the Islands with the largest animals being found on the Uist's and the smallest on Lewis & Harris. Female deer ( Hinds ) calf in June and the breeding season takes place in October and November.

We are pleased to be able to arrange photographic safaris to some of the most productive deer ground on the Islands. Using our expert guides we will aim to get you very close to the animals deep in their natural environment. 

For the less physically able we can offer deer watching from a fixed position and in the Winter months vehicle safari's.

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