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Pinkfeet migration.
Magpie moth revival.
Sand Martins & Cuckoo's
Pinkfeet migration


Pinkfeet Migration.
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Eiders, Minke & a Swift.

Had an interesting walk yesterday evening along the coast of Broadbay with Gordon & Jill from Whitby. Highlights include: a raft of 200 + male Eiders, Minke Whale performing ariel acrobatics and a Swift hunting flies on the cliff top!!

Plankton bloom.

1 metre vizability last night whilst diving due to plankton bloom, no wonder there are numerous reports of Basking sharks around the Island.

Female Cuckoo's

Whilst out walking the dogs been serenaded by the unmistakable call of the female Cuckoo calling for a host.

Plankton & Basking Sharks

Whilst scuba diving the other night just out from Holm it was very noticeable how much plankton there was, which leads me on to this!  http://www.hebrides-news.com/basking_sharks_bonanza_in_western_isles_30513.html 


Opened the blind this morning to find a pair of Waxwings sat on the hedge in the front garden, superb!


Its now official I have a breeding pair of Redwings in my Garden!

Corncrakes in the garden.

We now have 2 Corncrakes in the garden, I got a look at both of them today.


Still got a solitary Redwing in the garden.

Long Tailed Ducks

62 Long Tailed Ducks on the Braighe yesterday but gone today.


Out working in the garden today and heard the first Corncrake!
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